A selection of references of over 8000 completed contracts

Concert References

Local Crew Belgium:
Over a 2000 concerts in cooperation with the local promoters since 1989.

Tour Night of the Proms for Eml Productions Belgium
Motors and Trolley Beam
Monorail 02 Masters carriages

Werchter Festival – Pukkelpop Festival – Dour Festival
Eml Productions Belgium Motors Main and B Stage

Johnny Hallyday – Tour “Plus près de vous” Camus Productions France.
Motors, Trussing and Trolley Beam Monorail 02 Masters carriages

Phil Collins -Tour for Eldorado Productions – Lyon Hall Tony Garnier
France 65 Motors Pre rigging

Garou – Tour “Reviens” for Blue Squares
Motors and operator Trolley Beam (Trolley Beam from a Canadian company)

“Festival des vieilles charrues” for Stageco Staging France
Motors Main Stage

Danny Boon Tour “Waîka” for Kilucru Productions France
Artist Flying Performances on Winch Automate

M Pokora Tour “Player Tour” For Stacco France
Motion Motors

Johnny Hallyday – Tour “Flash back” Camus Productions France
Motors, Trussing and Trolley Beam Monorail 04 masters carriages ( See Page Trolley Beam )

Michel Sardou – Tour “ En Tournée “ for Camus Productions
Motors and Trussing

Festival « Goth Art » for AED Rent Belgium – Switzerland
Motion Motors

Calogero – Tour ” Pomme C ” for TS3 Productions France
Circular Trolley Beam 5 Masters carriages with rotor ( See Page Trolley Beam )
Trolley Beam 3D 2 Masters carriages ( See Page Trolley Beam )

Kylie Minogue – European tour « X tour 08» For Kimberly LTD – UK
Advanced Trussing + 42 Motors + some shows pre rigging 65 motors

Urban Peace Stageco France – Stade de France – Paris France
Motors and Trussing

Notre Dame de Paris tour Istanbul Turquie + Spb Russia for NDP Project

Reverze Sportpaleis Antwerpen Belgium for Purple Group
Head rigging

Rampage Sportpaleis Antwerpen Belgium for Purple Group
Head rigging

Festival de Carcassonne / France for Stageco France “Cité “
Stage Motors

Mylène Farmer Indoor “En tournée” TS3 Productions France
Motors, Trussing, Motion motors, Trolley beam Triple rails 06 Master carriages ( See Page Trolley Beam )

Mylène Farmer Outdoor “Stadium Tour” for TS3 Productions France
Motors – Trussing – Automate Motors

Nuit Créole for Stageco France Staging – Stade de France – France
Motors , Trussing , Trolley Beam Double rails 04 master carriages

Pink Tour« Fun house tour » For Pink Production – UK
Paris/France – Munich/Germany – Prague/Czech Rep – Hanover/Germany
107 Motor pré-Rig

Festival « Vinas del Mar » – For Supervision – Vinas Del Mar – Chilli
Trolley Beam Monorail 04 Master carriages

Marilyn Manson – Live Nation Belgium – Lotto Arena – Antwerp Belgium

Lara Fabian Tour « TLFM » For ASP/BlueSquares Belgium

Franco Dragone “ Kdo “ PRG Belgium – Forest National – Brussels Belgium
Winch and Motion Motors

Garou “Gentlemen Cambrioleur” TourFor ASP/BlueSquares Belgium
Winch and Motors

Festivals des Vieilles Charrues
Whinches for the group Scorpions – Drum Flying Performances

David Guetta “Fuck Me I’m Famous” Zenith de Paris
For Stagecraft Company – Whinches for Flying Artists Performances

Bon Jovi Summer Tour
For Stageco Staging Company – 4 Sets of Motor Rental

Adam & Eve” la seconde chance ” de Pascal Obispo
For Camus Productions – Trolley Beam for Flying Performances

Trolley beamPatrick Bruel tour pour la société Stacco

Pipe system on Winchs + Rigging + Trussing – Mamamia French Tour pour Stage Entertainment

Rigging set for Stageco Staging – Rihana sumer tour

permanent Rigging + TrussingSalle la Madeleine Brussel for BEC (exhibition center of Brussel)

Rigging set + Trussing – «  les Dix commandement , le Retour » Bercy show Paris pour Xcom2

Event References

Brussels Exhibition Centre:
Since 1998 Concession for all exhibitions and events: Over 120.000
rigging points

Renault Clio for Full Productions -Luxembourg
Car FlyIng Performances on Motion Motors

Dassault Jet DX7 AED rent & Stagecraft Bordeaux France
Trolley Beam
– balancing giant screen 20MX10M on 04 Masters carriages

Olympic Winter Games for Supervision Turin – Italy
Motors on different sites

Janadriah for Sound & Light – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
Giant Tent Flying performances on Motion Motors

Bollywood Awards – for Xanto – Sheffield – UK
Trolley Beam Monorail 04 Master carriages

UEFA Cup Football for Supervision – Switserland and Austria
in the different stadiums and open air

Toyota Geneva Motor Show PRG Belgium Palexpo Geneva Switzerland
Motion Motors

Janadriah For Come and Do – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
Motors and Trolley Beam Monorail 05 Master carriages

Peugeot Event Show – Mons Expo – For – Mons Belgium Motion
Motors and Mother Grid for Flying Car Perfomances

100 years of Feyenoord Live Time – De Kuip Rotterdam – Holland
04 Trolley Beams Monorail on rotor

Citroen Event Show For PRG Belgium – Brabanthall – Leuven Belgium
Winchs for Artist Flying Performances

Nespresso Tour for PRG – Spain – Portugal – Switzerland.
Winchs for Artist Flying Perfomances

Base Event Show For Shenandoah – Antwerp Station Belgium
Support Concept for Artist Flying Performances

Deutch Bank Event For Son Exentrique – Kart Expo Brussels Belgium
Winch for Artist Flying Performances

Launch Mercedes SLS-AMG For Shenandoah – Auto World – Brussels Belgium
Trolley Beam for Flying car Effect – Rigging

World Indoor Championship for AthleticsFor Techno pro –  Aspire Dome – Doha Qatar Rigging

Antonio Champalimaud Inauguration day – Lisboa – Portugal – for europalco – New Automat Screens Dolly

Journées annuelles du groupe Fiat – Biarritz – France – for DB Entertaiment
Winch for Artist Flying Performances

Motor show Brussels for ImaginationStand Ford
Motors and Trussing

Motor show Brussels for Kawasaki Europe – Stand Kawasaki

Lancement de la Peugeot 508 – Valencia – Spain – For Minotaur Agency
Flying Car Perfomances

Portugal TV Awards – Liboa – Portugal – For Hipnose Company
Tracking System + Ground Support

TV Show Taratata “Live in Brussels” – Brussels – Belgium
Motor and Truss Rental

Automate platform for screensValeo Event Château de Chantilly – Publicis event

Trolley beam for large Art piece – Shanghai pour Arne Quinze ( Paradox )

Five double trolley beam for video – Event « Hello » for Orange – Havas event

trolley beam video fixed installation – Revue « Paris Merveilles «  for Franco Dragone

Automate platform for screens – Renault Event « Talisman world presentation » Château de Chantilly – Le public Système +

Main screen rigging + Interface bumper « Fan Zone » Eiffel Tower Paris – UEFA 2016 for Supervision

Tracking 60 meters 04 axes – Lisboa Portugal for Europalco

Video Arche Main entrance Motors show Brussel Expo Belgium for Media expo