Flying Performances

High Speed tracking and winches system for flying performances

Due to a partnership with Fantasmagorie (Paris France), Serviscene Rigging can now present you a whole new series of high speed winches going from 1m/sec to 3m/sec. In case of charge under 100kg, some models can even go up to 5m/sec or 300m/min. Certain models have the option of indefinite 360° rotation!

All winches have dual brakes and drums with 1, 2 or 4 cables, their capacity according to the different models or speed goes from 100kg to 300kg and a standard drum has 28m of cable

On top of the dual brakes, all winches have a mechanic limit switch up/down. The winches can be used manually or controlled by Motion Automate Fantasmagorie with 100 passes per cue which is ideal for aerial choreographies. Every winch can be used on a tracking with dollies that have a speed of 1.15m/ sec up to 3m/sec, with a maximum of 4 dollies per tracking. The available distance of the tracking is 60 meters.

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